Seeker Of Sunshine bikinis were made with the gypsy in mind who loves to stay clad in her bikini from sun up to sun down. It’s designed to make you feel strong and yet feminine with bold cuts and the most luxuriously soft fabric on the market made by hand out of Brazil.


This bikini is made with a movement in mind. The thought that by purchasing responsibly we can change the world! So simple right? We believe every little thing we do has a huge impact globally, and we’re making sure our impact is peachy keen. From reef friendly sunscreens, to no plastic in our packaging, instead we use hemp and cotton, and donating to many global causes. Here at seeker we are committed to making a brighter future for all! We’re creating an apparel/lifestyle wear that is all about taking only love from the planet, and turning around and planting 100’s of more seeds of love globally. Thanks for being a part of our movement."

-Much Love and Gratitude