Seeker Of Sunshine bikinis were made with the gypsy-at-heart in mind. Those who stay clad in their bikini from sunup to sundown. It’s designed to make you feel strong yet feminine. Nature inspired prints and bold cuts wrap the body in the softest, luxuriously hand-made fabrics from Brazil.


Not only are these bikinis sexy and fun, but they are also created with a conscious movement at their core. We believe every little thing we do can have a huge impact globally. We choose to purchase responsibly by using reef friendly sunscreens, limiting plastic use by replacing it with hemp and cotton in our packaging and biodegradable materials. As well as donating to several global causes like 8 Million Trees by helping plant 200 trees a month and donating material from our collections to Land of Hope orphanages in Nigeria.


Here at Seeker, we are committed to making a brighter future for all! We’re creating lifestyle attire that is all about giving love to our planet and those living in it. Thanks for being a part of our movement."

Much Love and Gratitude